Chaucha Project

A happy little cryptocurrency

What is the Chaucha Project?


Is an organization focused on creating tools and documentation that helps spreading knowledge about criptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

The goal of the Chaucha Project is enabling new cryptocurrency users learn about how cryptocurrencies work by a practical example, creating tools and documentation by the community and members of the organization.

Chaucha (CHA)

A happy little cryptocurrency

Chaucha was the first creation of Chaucha Project. Was designed as an "example crypto currency" and is being used to support all current and future iniciatives of the organization.

Technical Specs

  • Built with the same source code of Litecoin 0.13
  • 1 Block created per minute
  • 1.5 CHA reward per block
  • 10.800.000 CHA Max

Downloads v2.1.0


Source Code

  • URL: stratum+tcp://
  • CPU/GPU Port: 3008
  • ASIC Port: 3032/3064
  • Algorithm: scrypt

If you wish to mine Chaucha you can use the official Mining Pool. Ensure to uses the proper mining software that meets your machine specs and that the software use scrypt.